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About Nature Stone

NATURE STONE® is the leader in the stone and epoxy flooring industry throughout the United States and Canada.

NATURE STONE flooring products are offered through North America by authorized licensed dealerships.


NATURE STONE flooring is a great floor covering for basement floors, especially basements that are wet, damp or flood-prone. NATURE STONE flooring eliminates the problems associated with traditional concrete floor coverings like carpeting, tile and vinyl, once and for all. You'll never have to repaint concrete floors or replace carpeting or tile again.


NATURE STONE flooring’s specially formulated, patent-pending epoxy and is the secret to its strength and longevity for garage floor applications where a beautiful, durable and easy-maintenance floor is desired. Unlike paint, which doesn't allow concrete to breathe, causing premature peeling and chipping, a NATURE STONE floor, applied directly over the existing concrete is permanent, allows your concrete floor to breathe and will never need to be replaced.


NATURE STONE is ideal for many concrete floors in commercial and industrial buildings and is the perfect solution for high traffic areas like entryways, hallways, lobbies, and public gathering areas because of its high strength and durability. NATURE STONE is designed to be applied directly over existing concrete and will cover stains, discoloration and most cracks and uneven areas. In addition to floor performance characteristics, NATURE STONE flooring requires very little maintenance.


Surface preparation is very important and we’ll take care of it for you. We will remove dirt, oils, grease, paint, tiles and carpet from your concrete floor prior to installing your new NATURE STONE floor covering.

We resin weld cracks and unevenness to reinforce and correct the gaps to assure a beautiful, even NATURE STONE floor covering.

After completing the preparation work, mixers on our trucks blend the special epoxy and stones, which our installers then trowel by hand over the existing concrete floor to ensure quality control and a uniform appearance.


NATURE STONE flooring is available in a wide variety of popular natural stone floor covering colors…so you can easily complement the overall design theme of your hom…your garag…and outdoor concrete areas!

Please contact Finishing Edge to see the many color choices available.

For more information, you can either call (484) 232-1403, contact us by email or visit the NATURE STONE website.